• Kristien

Exciting times!

These are really exciting times...2020 is almost here, our trial steering committee is gathering for the third time, and recruitment in the Big Bird trial is coming to its end!

At this time, 117 Principal Investigators are actively participating in the trial. Unfortunately, some general practitioners had to leave the trial due to personal circumstances or insufficient eligible patients. The procedures for properly closing their sites are finalized so the study coordinators will contact them with the information necessary for their follow up.

Together, the investigators have recruited 821 patients, of which 755 are registered on Slaapzorgeloos.be/Dormir-sereinement.be. The rest will follow shortly and start their participation in the trial by completing the first questionnaire.

Recruitment of patients ends at 20 December 2019, meaning that after this date no new patients can enter the trial. Exciting times indeed!

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Access intervention

Since this week, all patients and GPs who have participated in the trial can access the online intervention. On www.slaapzorgeloos.be or www.dormirsereinement.be, patients can log in with their userna