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In this national trial, we work with both Dutch and French general practitioners and patients. But in a sense, we could say that "Big Birds" also is a language in this trial, a challenging one. What you need to know to understand "Big Birds", is the following:

1. www.bigbirdtrial.com is an informational website that has been developed by the leading research team, and that is updated by them. The initial goal of this website was to gather information for both general practitioners and patients in a central place, so that all participating universities could refer to this website during recruitment. At this time, we also use the website for blog posts, and we have a separate page to share files within the inter-university research team of Big Bird (that is why there is a 'log in'). This page is not open to public, nor to participating general practitioners or patients.

2. All the action - such as data collection and the blended care intervention - happens at Slaapzorgeloos/Dormir Sereinement. This is an extensive platform that has been developed by an external company. It consists of many panels and controls to assure data confidentiality. It also allows us to randomize general practices when they have registered their patients, and to follow-up on the progress per general practice. Moreover, this platform sends out automatic reminders to participating patients and general practitioners for correct data collection. All bilingually:


sender = Slaapzorgeloos / Dormir Sereinement

title = Big Bird studie slaap / étude sommeil

message is in Dutch, followed by French

Platform patient



Platform general practitioner



With this brief introduction on Big Birds, we hope to clarify the practical set-up of the trial.

Thank you for learning with us!

PS: Unfortunately, at this time, Dutch and French translations of the post are only available via Google translate ;)

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